8 Free Knit Look-alike Crochet Patterns


It has been about a week since I’ve last updated my blog. I am usually crocheting on a daily basis, but I must admit that lately I haven’t been crocheting at all… I’ve been knitting! I’ve only recently learned to knit and have been participating  in a knit-along. I am anxious to finish my knit-along shawl so it has been my main focus lately. I wanted to take some time to give you all a blog post packed full of amazing and FREE patterns today, so since I’ve got knitting on the brain, I compiled a list of knit-alike crochet patterns.

Have you tried the tunisan crochet stitch, crochet stockinette or any other type of crochet technique that leaves your work looking like knit?

Check out these amazing and FREE patterns and don’t forget to stop by and thank these artists for graciously sharing their talents with us.



Rainbow Tote by Crafternoon Treats

Bella Bricks Fingerless MItts

Crochet Stockinette Scarf by Crochet Kitten

Alaskan Blue Tunisan Crochet Blanket

Tunisan Bookmark by Lee Ann Hamm

Leaf Dishcloth by Kara Gunza

Slip Stitch Headband by Grannysquaredontcare on Craftsy

Forever Scarf and Wristlets by Crochet Kitten

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