My Experience With The Famous Crochet Cocoon Cardigan and Pattern Link

Have you all seen the BEAUTIFUL crocheted cocoon cardigan that is all the rage right now?! This gorgeous cardigan was designed by Annoo Crochet Designs. The cardigan is essentially one large granny square worked up with worsted weight yarn and a large crochet hook- super easy!

I initially wanted to crochet myself this cardigan but decided to work one up for my daughter first. I read several comments by other crocheters who were sharing their thoughts on the pattern and declaring it “easy”, “quick to work up” and “comfortable”. Of course these comments only encouraged me to start my daughter’s cardigan sooner.

The pattern that is offered gives you instructions on how to create a cardigan in your own custom size. For my 6-year-old daughter’s cardigan, I crocheted it much shorter than the designers (with a total of 18 increase rows) and I also worked up two less rows on the neck and arm borders. It took me close to three skeins of Perl Essence in Eggplant Purple to crochet it.

I must say that I absolutely adore this pattern (AND the designer) and I do agree that the pattern is beyond easy to follow and the cardigan works up so quickly.

You can find the written patternĀ HERE and an amazing video tutorial HERE.

Be sure to stop by and thank the amazing designer for sharing her talents with us. I would love to see the cardigans that you have created; feel free to drop a comment below.

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