The Beginning of My Knitting Adventure


I know, I know. This is a crochet blog. I’ve been crocheting for years and it is most definitely my favorite fiber craft, but some months ago I taught myself how to knit. At first I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t very great at it and I felt discouraged every time I picked up my needles. At first I was sure that knitting wasn’t a good fit for me, until one day my sister introduced me to

My sister excitedly told me all about this woman, Jennyknits, and how she streamed herself knitting live on Twitch Monday-Friday. I had a billion questions. A woman knitting live on the internet? I had to check it out. I caught her next stream and instantly became addicted. Day after day I would turn Jennyknits‘ live knitting stream on and I would admire her skills and ask questions, or some days just let it play in the background while I did chores around the house or played with my kids.

After months of feeling envious of Jenny’s and other viewers’ skills, I decided to participate in a knit-along that Jennyknits would be hosting every Friday on her stream. I was sure I would fail and give in before I barely got started, but with the help of Jennyknits and the creator of the pattern (Yarniv0re, AKA Sara Kucharik on Ravelry), I was able to follow along and finish my shawl.

If you take a good look at my shawl you will see numerous mistakes. I dropped stitches and wasn’t sure how to fix them, I skipped stitches or forgot to yarn over, or even yarned over when I shouldn’t have. Sometimes I purled on the wrong side and I can’t even guess how many times I forgot which row I was on. But I did it. I worked up the entire shawl, start to finish, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Everyone on the stream was very, very patient whenever I asked a question or needed extra help with a particular stitch. Jennyknits even saved her videos so that viewers could go back and re-watch her tutorials on each stitch required for the shawl. I am in disbelief that I created something so flawed, but beautiful.

If you are a knitter, beginner knitter, interested in knitting, or just a fan of fiber arts who is looking for a friendly community of fellow artists, you MUST check out the Creative Channel on Twitch. Follow Jennyknits and check out her stream, stop in and say Hi if you can.

If you are a beginner (at ANYTHING), please do not give up on yourself. Practice and believe in yourself. Find fellow artists and ask questions. You can do it!

Find Jennyknits Twitch Channel HERE.

Find the GORGEOUS Desert Flower Shawl pattern HERE

Feel free to drop me a comment below and tell me if you are a knitter. If so, how long have you been knitting? What was your first knitted project? Are you already a Twitch.TV user? What’s your favorite Twitch channel?

Thank you for stopping by!

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